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Re: Air Scoops

    I don't have any background in physics or engineering.  We (us guys
at the shop) have discussed the theory of "low pressure" over the
wings.  Someone brought up the point of the strakes interfering with the
air flow into the scoops during climb out.  I did a quick Dog Ear
estimation and decided to try mounting my scoops on top cowl just aft of
the rear windows.  A "Dog Ear" estimation is conducted by imagining that
you had a dog riding in your plane.  Wherever he sticks his head out,
try to estimate how hard his ears would flap.  This is my sole rationale
for deciding that I could "scoop" in enough air to cool the engine.  (I
would appreciate any feedback from those of you who might know better.)

Denis Miller 173 FGE