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Re: Air Scoops

Excuse me, but is their something I am missing about this air scoop thing.
Are we talking Franklins, 540's, lyc360?  I have benn running my lyc 360 for
250 hrs, and my jugs run at 320 in cruse, and I have never seen over 405 in
climb-out.  My Cardnal ran much higher than that, and I know other spam-cans
do the same.  Let's not scare the Lyc-360 guys to think there is a problem
with the up-draft.  And as far as making the baffeling for the up-draft,
that's no big deal.  I understand that the center two cylinders on 6"s might
have a problem and a plentum may be the ticket, but have any 4's had any
problems?  It's nice to be able to pull the cowl and inspect the whole thing
at the oil change.  I think if you are talking about down-draft with baffels,
the lower side of #'s 3 & 4 will generate allot of heat from the stacks.  the
air flow will not follow the firewall or the vertical forward baffel.  You
will probably have a "dead spot" with little or no flow especially over the #3
stack that is the most forward one. 

Maybe my Vision 1000 is a male unit, and lying to me (as woman will tell
us;-), and maybe I really have a problem .

I would like to hear from other fliers about how their cooling is.  

The only "problem" with the reflector I see is that when the planes get
flying, the feflectore stops posting, and goes flying.  This is to bad, as it
leaves it up to others to re-invent the wheel sometimes.  I am all for new
things, espically when others do the homework, and I will jump at the offer of
something better, that's why I stay tuned.