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Re: Finishing and filling.

Steven R. Wooden wrote:

> I have thinned it with MEK, Acetone, but not yet alcohol.

Thinning is one thing chemistry is another.  MEK and Acetone fragment the epoxy
molecule making them absolute no-no's.  The only reducers I know of for Epoxy
resin are anhydrous alcohol, tolulene and Xylene.  The latter two are very
strong in toxicity and effect on the ability for the harder to crosslink the
resin so be careful.  That's why I like alcohol it is much more forgiving with
most of it evaporating.

What you are doing is re-formulating.  You need to get a hold of Gary Hunter who
is with Shell.  It's his job to know the chemistry.  gahunter@shellus.com

Alan Shaw