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Re: Rudder Travel Redux

Hi Kurt,

Thanks for responding again. I have a bad feeling that one of us may have done
something wrong.

<<Layup "B"  should not interfear with the rudder horn pocket if instaled
right.   There >is only a small bid layer that actually closes off the back of
the rudder horn pocket.  
>Layup "B" in my setup only covers the upper skin, and the forward side of the
>rudder pocket, and any inboard modifications ( those that would gain more
pocket >room, should not affect layup "B".)  

As I understand page number 3-12 in my manual, the "B" lay-up that is
comprised of several layers of BID measuring 7"x20" and 7"x16" lays along the
inner joint of the wing/winglet. The manual calls out for contact and joining
to the "A" lay-up all along this area, from leading edge to rudder well. The
16" length and 20" length indicates to me that BID will be used all the way
front to back and the 7" width indicates that it will be used on the outer end
of the wing as well as the underside of the winglet in this area fully forming
one half of a boxed area. The winglet in the area of the rudder conduit is
only 3" thick, tops. Given that the fiberglass winds up being about 1/8" thick
when finished, I seem to be a little under at 2 5/8" area. Until I read Alan
Shaw's description, I thought that I was OK, now I read yours below and I
>I can tell you that I have 5.675 inches of room... from where the inside of
layup "C"        
>is..  ( effectively the outboard side of the rudder horn pocket ) .. and the
innermost >point of the pocket at the rudder conduit. 

Where did you get all of this room? How does your lay-up be really look? Is it
recessed in the area of the rudder horn?
>In case people are measuring in different fassions ( what are the odds ? ) :
I just >checked my to-scale drawings. My construction will allow me 3.7" of
travel ( >straight line measure) from the center of the rudder horn hole at
rest... to full inward >draw.  Mine was set up for 45 degrees of travel room. 

I have a lot of questions still. Would you be kind enough to forward along a
phone number and a best time to call, tonight if possible, so that we can
continue this at a more rapid pace? This E-mail is killing me as I only type
20 wpm!!!


Dale Alexander
173 RGE