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Re: Rudder Travel Redux


     Layup "B"  should not interfear with the rudder horn pocket if instaled
right.   There is only a small bid layer that actually closes off the back of
the rudder horn pocket.   Layup "B" in my setup only covers the upper skin,
and the forward side of the rudder pocket, and any inboard modifications (
those that would gain more pocket room, should not affect layup "B".)  

Note:   I realize Velocities are like music,  and nobody plays it the same,
but that is how mine is setup.

      I can tell you that I have 5.675 inches of room... from where the inside
of layup "C" is..  ( effectively the outboard side of the rudder horn pocket )
.. and the innermost point of the pocket at the rudder conduit. 

     In case people are measuring in different fassions ( what are the odds ?
) : I just checked my to-scale drawings. My construction will allow me 3.7" of
travel ( straight line measure) from the center of the rudder horn hole at
rest... to full inward draw.  Mine was set up for 45 degrees of travel room.  

     I don't know if this information will help or not... Just thought I'd

Kurt Winker