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Finishing and filling.

I have been experimenting with the alphapoxy filler.  I thought if I could
find a way to thin it down so that I could spray it on the wings, if would
go on smoother with less imperfections to finish fill.  I also thought it
might adhere better.  It was not until Alan's recent post about "thinning"
the epoxy with alcohol, that I thought it might be safe.

I have thinned it with MEK, Acetone, but not yet alcohol.  Both thinners
worked well, although MEK was a more effective thinner and much more
expensive.  The test spray left a very nice coat on the glass.  It did not
work itself through to cause damage to the foam.  It took almost two days to
completely dry, but once dry it was solid and smooth.

Does anyone have any comments about this approach before I continue to test

Steve Wooden
FGE 173