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Re: TAXES!!??

>Hey Folks... I don't know if anyone has touched on this subject
>before....I just registered my 173RG with the FAA (not yet flying) and
>subsequently rec'd a letter from the Colorado Dept of Revenue.......

California builders know to get a tail number just before first flight.  Tax
collectors get records from the FAA every week, and bills for Property Tax
arrive shortly after.  Who needs to pay tax for years before we can even fly?

But here is the kicker:  I understand the creeps have a new method of
assessing value.  They want to see receipts for every little nut and bolt,
and they total up the materials cost.  Then they want to see the builder's
log, and they multiply each hour by $40.  The grand total represents the
assessed value.

I guess I'm either going to have to lie through my teeth, or move to Nevada.

Chuck Seberg