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Re: 540 installation

marion sparrow wrote:

> If one was to install a 540 in a 173 what changes would necessary?

CowlingEngine mount
Second oil cooler in effective location

CG?  If the planes main wings are over 120 lbs. each completed then 10
to 20 lbs of ballast or a second battery is needed in the nose.

CR(center of rotation)?  The normal position of the main gear with this
conversion causes almost no weight on the nose gear when the pilot gets
out.   It actually takes off and lands better this way but it may fall
on its tail, when you park it, if you aren't careful.  To be on the safe
side the best thing is to move the mains back 2".  In the fixed gear
this is easily done by re-potting the front gear bushings down about
1/12".  In the retract it's better to do this from the start or if the
gear is already mounted and fit into the strake...leave it be.

Certification?  If the plane is already certified (flying) with another
size engine then this conversion is classified as a "major" modification
which requires re-certification.

Alan Shaw