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Fwd: Internal Rudder Horns and Winglet Layer "C"

I attached the wrong file,  My appologies for the extra E-mail Junk. 

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Hi Dale.

     Unfortunately, I can't measure the area you asked about, as everything is
closed up right now,  and I have not yet cut out the rudders.  I do remember
that I figured out, on paper, how much room I needed in the "horn pocket" to
get 45 degrees of rudder deflection.  I then added enough so that I could use
a cable end swag fitting for my rudder conections ( the strongest conection
available).  If your setup is like mine,  and layup "C" is not yet in,  you
can still make modifications. By the Way,  where is that 3" measurement taken
from that you got from Alan..? 
 If memory serves me correctly,  I have a little over 5.5",  Measured from a
common point located at the rudder horn eye, ( and its travel arc)   along the
outside edge of the wing/ rudder skin.  This point to where the rudder horn
eye will stop in the pocket, ( also along its travel arc) . So it is a nice
simple straight line measurement,   easy to figure out once you do a simple
sketch on paper..    Hope this helps... 

Kurt Winker
173 FGE
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