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Fwd: Internal Rudder Horns and Winglet Layer "C"

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  I just finished this a while ago.  I made a small 1 ply bid sheet and let it
cure.. it will still be quite flexible. Bend it over the rudder horn pocket to
the size and shape you want and do the final trimming.  I marked the outline
of where it would lay with a pen, that way I could 5 Min epoxy it right back
into place.  Once it is there,  you have formed a small pocket, and thus a
form that layup "C" will lay right over. 
Note,  If you lightly sand the 1 ply bid sheet Before you adhere it,  it will
be much easier, as it is hard to sand once it is in place.  If you need it, I
can scan that picture and send it to you. 
Any questions, feel free to write. 

Kurt Winker
173 FGE

Hi Kurt,

I called Mark today and he explained that he had told you essentially the same
that you told me. The problem lies in the fact of what I DIDN'T mention in the
post...it was late and I was half asleep. 

With all of the concern of late for the condition of the rudder cables, I
thought that an inspection cover could be incorporated into the winglet. I
spoke with Mark out at V. West. He thinks that any opening in the winglet in
this area will weaken the structure. In new areas like this, I tend to default
to Mark! He says that inspection is not difficult at all with a small, hi
intensity light.

Alan Shaw's post mentions that 3 inches of space are needed for a full 30
degree rudder deflection. I don't have that much. Maybe enough for 28 degrees.
How much room do you have in your set-up? Is it possible yet for you to
measure how much rudder deflection you have?

Thanks for your time.

Dale Alexander
173 RGE
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