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Re: Rotary Engine

>Al,  tell us more about the "planned 250 HP rotary".

After surveying pretty much all the options in certified, developmental and
auto conversion engines that would give me 200+ hp and be available to hang
by about the end of this year, I've decided that a three-rotor rotary based
on the Mazda 20B is the best choice for me.  It gives proven performance and
reliability, will provide 250hp normally aspirated, total installation
weight only 15 or 20 lbs more than a Lycoming IO360, and at a cost less than
the Franklin.  Of course you have to be willing to take on the challanges of
a "non-standard" installation.

Two rotor versions have accumulated many hours in gyrocopters (one
approaching 2500hrs), RV6 and others.  These engines are also proven in auto
racing, where the 3-rotor versions have been pushed well beyond 650hp.
There are at least 4 planned for Velocitys, including a couple in progress.

Builders of these engines for aircraft that I have visited are Atkins
Aviation www.atkins_aviation.com in Puyallup, Washington and Alturdyne in
San Diego.  A new entry into the rotary business is Dragon Aerospace
www.Dragonaero.com who have some good, but yet unproven, design

Al Gietzen  RGE