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NACA scoop


The NACA scoop has a very smooth transition from the outer skin. The
cooler is HiTemp silicone and bolted to the flange of the scoop, so there
are no air leaks around that area.

No I'm not kidding (160 with 2200/20), as a matter of fact I was also at
5500 ft heading east over Bridgeport CT.

Both my airspeed indicator and RMI Flight computer was reading 160.  I have
the short wing elite RG version, the wings are from Allen Shaw's Wing

This airplane is FAST. In level flight the elevator shows around a 1/2 inch
up as viewed from the cockpit. My weight is 155lbs and I fly with 75lbs
pellets in the co-pilot foot area, which places the CG 1/2 inch forward of 

The biggest problem I have flying it is trying to slow from 100KIAS
down wind to 80KIAS short final (My Elected Landing Speed), gear down 
and speed brake fully deployed.

Again, Thanks for your recommendations to resolve the temperature problems.
Knowing that we are both experiencing the same symptoms, gives me hope that
one of us will resolve it.

Best Regards

Mike Watson
Velocity Elite RG  Franklin/IVO

Note: Maybe Brian should work on designing a different type of plenum???