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Re: More temperatures from N6Q

On Tue, 02 Jun 98 20:47:41  "Tim Crawford" <crawford@atdd.noaa.gov>
>While looking at various Velocity static ports, 
>I had noticed all had aerodynamic fences in 
>front of the static port to reduce sensed static
>pressure (or to make the aircraft go faster).  

If I am reading this correctly, all I have to do is install trip strips
along the fuselage to make my aircraft go faster? Or just in front of the
static port? How big/small should I make it and how many knots faster
will my airplane actually go?

But seriously folks....the trip strip in front of the static port is
there to disrupt the slight pressure build up of air due to the angle of
attack the fuselage has with the relative air flow at the location
prescribed for the static port. I would hypothesize that the further aft
location Tim has chosen is in an area where the boundry layer of air
starts to seperate from the fuselage at different airspeeds, thus the
different error in readings at different airspeeds. THAT IS JUST A GUESS!
Tim. let us know when you are in smoother air to make a closer airspeed

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