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Dennis Martin asked if I could guess how much "superfill" it would take to do
a 173 FGE.   The answer is:   Not quite.   
     I did my canard first on the bottom with standard Microballoons and
alphapoxy.  After the sanding experience, I tried the Microlite on the top of
the canard. I found it much easier to work with and a little lighter in
weight.  Sanding was Improved also.  
After reading in a few articles about "Superfil", I called the company.  Based
on all the information I gathered, this is what I decided:  

-     The canard is basically done as the factory recommends, and if it is of
"standard" weight ( or even a little heavy) that works for me.  
-     It was My and Jon's ( Superfill rep) guess that it would take an
"industrial kit" of 3 gallons mixed product to do my 173 wings and winglets.
-     After using the test kit of "superfil" that I ordered,  I decided that
it was well worth the $120 in my time sanding, plus the weight savings to
order the 3 Gal. Kit. 
-     Keep in mind that all of these products that I have used are all based
on the same epoxy resin system,  the only change is in the filler components,
& mixing.  I do not wish to experiment in mixing resins on this aircraft. 
-     The "Superfil" is being applied on a slightly different fashion than is
Microballoon,  in order to save sanding time,  and product.  If you want to
know more about that... Let me know.

     Well there ya have it, 3 gals to do the wings,  I would guess 1/2- 2/3 of
a gal for the canard, and I have no idea on the rest,  as Im not there yet...

Happy building
Kurt Winker
173 FGE