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Re: Questions

On Wed, 3 Jun 1998 11:45:12 -0700 "Al Gietzen" <alventures@email.msn.com>

>1.) While the question has been raised on where to fasten the shoulder
>harness; what we really need is a four-point restraint.  How can we do 

Would you be willing to restated your comment to "...what I want is a
four-point restraint."? After years of design flaw lawsuits, Cessna,
Piper, Beech, etc. are still using three point. I would think that if
three point restraint systems are safe enought for their purposes, it
should be safe enough for ours.

To answer your question though, you can establish hardpoints in the
fuselage ceiling behind the seat(s) using inertial locking or adjustable
straps. Or you can locate them on the floor behind the seat, bringing
your straps up and over the seat back. Use a lockable reel system such as
what they use in the commercial airliners. I know Airbus uses a lockable
4-point system.
>2.) It would seem that the ideal location for the pitot tube would be 
>under the canard a foot or two out from the fuselage.  Anybody tried
>after the canard is completed?
I installed a dual (selectable) heated pitot tube system, each located
under and near enough to the leading edge of the outboard strake so that
the tube was in clean airflow for a gentleman that insisted that I do so.
After many trials and errors, guess what we ended up with? A single tube
located in the fuselage with the opening through the fuselage 6" down
from the bottom of the canard and 2" aft of the leading edge. Just like
the factory airplanes. You know what? No more errors!

Safe and Speedy Construction


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