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RE: Oil Cooler, air flow sealing?

Bill Stockman, thanks for the response.  It looks like we have the same type
of oil cooler (it appears there are at least two variants).  I decided to
put a dab of aluminum colored/compatable silicone in each small oriface.  It
looks good and is well sealed.  I cleaned off all overflow with my favorite
pallette knife.  
My installation is pretty standard except that I used 3 nut plates on three
flanges and built a groove for the lower front flange of the cooler.  I'm
able to quickly slide the cooler into the groove and secure it with one
screw on top while dry fitting all the tubes and exit duct.

Bill Schweitzer
std RGE
San Jose, Ca
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> Sent:	Thursday, June 04, 1998 7:35 AM
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> Bill,
> 	I'm building a 173fge and enclosed the entire oil cooler.   It sits
> right behind the inlet, approximately vertical.   I then totally
> enclosed it with about a 0.125 inch clearance around the sides for
> airflow to take advantage of the additional cooling surface.   In theory
> this give more heat exchange area and I've got the face of the cooler
> perpendicular to the airflow.  I don't know if it will work, but it
> seems reasonable.
> 	Bill Stockman