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Re: RG Main Gear Overcenter


> As long as the O-center falls thru I can't think of how this would be
> undesirable,

There have been a few examples where the gear operated perfectly in the hangar,
yet did NOT fall through overcenter when in flight. One of the possible causes
for this is cables too tight when the gear is down.

Adjust this way:
1) Loosen cables slightly so they provide no resistance to going overcenter.
2) Adjust thickness of the aluminum spacer so gear fully retracts.

It's important to remember the aluminum spacer thickness is an adjustment, and
that it's adjusted last.

And finally,
in the event you don't get "Three Greens" when in flight:

1) DO NOT assume your lights are defective.
2) DO NOT land to check things out.
3) Visually check your overcenter linkage.
4) Manually knock it overcenter if necessary.

Dave Black
ShortWing RG Classic