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Comments and opinions welcome on the following:

1.) While the question has been raised on where to fasten the shoulder
harness; what we really need is a four-point restraint.  How can we do that?

2.) It would seem that the ideal location for the pitot tube would be under
the canard a foot or two out from the fuselage.  Anybody tried this; after
the canard is completed?

3.)  I've put my name on the waiting list for a hangar at a relatively
quiet, uncontrolled airport that has a single 2710' x 70' runway (nearly sea
level).  The option is only about 5 min further away, has a 4600' x 150'
runway but is pretty busy (w/tower) including some commercial carriers and
somewhat higher hangar rents.  Will I find a 2700' runway limiting for
initial high speed taxi and flight testing?  (Planned 250 hp rotary in a std

Al Gietzen