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Re: Internal Rudder Horns and Winglet Layer "C"

DAlexan424@aol.com wrote:

> Hi all,
> I hope some of the more experienced builders can help out on this on. I have
> joined the winglet to the wing with lay-ups A, B and D. It's now time to add
> "C" which is the one that wraps around the outside of the winglet to the
> underside of the wing.

The important thing about this final lay up is that the foam wedge is flat.  You
won't support a porch with a bent diagonal right?

> I have modified the winglet for the internal rudder
> horns. The question that I have is that the addendum to the manual is not very
> clear as to how lay-up "C" is to lay into the cavity that is needed for the
> rudder horn.

"C" doesn't go into the cavity just in front of it.   You will have about 13" of
structure between the opening for the strobe lights in the front and 1/2"clearence
in front of the end of the rudder horn.  The wing and winglet in the trailing edge
is so thin that there is no leverage anyway.  The structure is hour glass shaped
with nice smooth curves at the waist were the wing is thick.

The conduit should be close to the wing TE between the end of the aileron and the
winglet so that it swings forward towards a perpendicular alignment with the
rudder horn when the rudder is at max load of 30+ degrees out.  You also need at
least a 3" void into the end of the wing for horn travel.

> If I lay the glass into the cavity, some reduction in rudder travel can be
> expected as well as the glass most likely not bending that corner too well. If
> I reduce the width of the lay-up, will the reduction in strength be
> acceptable?

Historically the only "wiggly" winglets occurred because the builder was sloppy
and lay-up A didn't contact lay-up B.  He had to cut the winglets off, grind all
the lay-ups off and start over.   This knuckle brace is what everything else in
this structure levers on.  It's quite ingeniuos...I think Rutans Aussi friend Mike
Melvil came up with it.

Alan Shaw