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engine clearance, seat belts

It amazes me how little things have changed.

Engine clearance:

Over 2 years ago, I had to cut one of the "ears" off my #1 cylinder and modify 
the cowl a little to get clearance.  Now I find out that this, too, is common 
when I thought I had screwed up hanging my engine.  Similar to the canard 
bulkhead and the reference hole "secret."

I, too, had trouble figuring out where the front seatbelts were to be mounted 
since the plans address 2 hard points, not the third for the shoulder portion.  
On my one-door, I drilled a hole through the piece of fuselage that divides the 
"baggage area" into two openings.  I also gouged out some foam and glassed in 
hard points.  This seems to work fine.

Maybe KPC's could be issued to let builders know about these common things that 
aren't really addressed in the manuals.
Bob Ginsberg - Velocity N173BG - Big Ape Gyms