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Re: First Flight Velocity N6Q


> What are you all doing about front seat shoulder belts?  The
> location for front seat shoulder belt hard points is not nearly as
> intuitive.

Since my Velocity is a TopDoor model, it was somewhat more difficult to choose a
mounting point than it would be in the Elite. But locating the best point is
just a matter of sitting in the pilot's seat, fastening the seat belt, and
having a helper pull the shoulder belt to various points along the door frame.
You need to select a mounting point which will keep the shoulder belt
comfortably in place during normal flight but will not compress the spine in an
accident. Play with it. The best location will become apparent. By the way, the
retractor spools will probably go below the strakes.

Please note that I speak with all the confidence of someone who has not yet
flown his Velocity.  ;~)

Dave Black
ShortWing RG TopDoor