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Internal Rudder Horns and Winglet Layer "C"

Hi all,

I hope some of the more experienced builders can help out on this on. I have
joined the winglet to the wing with lay-ups A, B and D. It's now time to add
"C" which is the one that wraps around the outside of the winglet to the
underside of the wing. I have modified the winglet for the internal rudder
horns. The question that I have is that the addendum to the manual is not very
clear as to how lay-up "C" is to lay into the cavity that is needed for the
rudder horn.

If I lay the glass into the cavity, some reduction in rudder travel can be
expected as well as the glass most likely not bending that corner too well. If
I reduce the width of the lay-up, will the reduction in strength be

How have others dealt with this problem?


Dale Alexander
173 RGE