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More temperatures from N6Q

Hi All!

Before todays third flight, I installed additional 
thermocouples on the Franklin engine at the oil inlet 
and outlet.  My primary monitor is a RMI micro-monitor 
which uses an AD590 PN junction to measure oil temperature. 
The RMI's sensor is installed in the nose-mounted oil 
cooler exit line --i.e. I measure the return oil 
temperature to the engine.  Simon and Duane had 
expressed concern that this was not the correct 
place to make the measurement.  

Today, I was also going raise the gear and open up 
the speed envelope. Unfortunately, the Grear retract 
sequence valve failed to close the nose gear doors.  
So speeds are still slow but with most of the gear 
parts up<g>

The observation for 110 and 130 kts 
at 9,500 ft are as follows:

                      ---  oil temps----
OAT  IAS   MP    RPM outlet Cooler inlet    Cyl's
 C    Kts  "            C     C      C       C
12   108  17.7  2100   93    72     76    90-120
13   126  17.6  2520   97    77     79   100-140

I believe the 17C Delta temperature between the 
engine in and out oil temperatures.  However, 
the absolute thermocouple temperatures are not as
reliable as the micro monitor's.  Obviously, the 
oil cooler's oil exhaust temperature should be 
between what is coming to and from the engine. 
Regardless, I now trust the RMI's reported 
temperature as reasonable.  Please note, so far
this engine has not worked hard and these 
temperatures will go up at high power settings.

While looking at various Velocity static ports, 
I had noticed all had aerodynamic fences in 
front of the static port to reduce sensed static
pressure (or to make the aircraft go faster).  
As a result, I moved my static ports down & back 
to just in front of the door.  I expected this
would be a lower static pressure region.  
At 110 kt my airspeed reads 5 kts slow but 
1kt fast at 130 kts.  Also, today there was 
a lot of wind, so my error estimates may be poor.  
Regardless, I think I have found another
complicated problem.  Any other experience 
out there?

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      >-}     Tim        {-<
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 Long EZ N3R           Velocity N6Q