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Oil cooler location

Friends & Art,

The most effective oil cooler I've ever installed was inside the wing.
Not just stuffed sideways on the T.E. wing root but back inside facing
directly into the flow...no corners plus minimum cooling drag for the
airflow!  The oil cooler tilts 30 to 40 degrees with a 1"  male slit
just behind the spar on the bottom with a 11/2"  male slit opening back
on the top of the wing.  The air comes in from the high pressure zone on
the bottom...straight through the cooler...then gets sucked out the by
the larger opening in the low pressure zone on top.  Because of the
great pressure differential in this area in theory flush openings should
work also.

On the 540 it dropped the oil temps 50+degrees F.   For a 360 in the
winter you would probably have to put a plate over half the cooler to
prevent your oil from being too cool and thick to lubricate properly.

For my FG 540 I've put one oil cooler upright  flat on the floor in the
nose for cabin heat and the other back inside the left wing root for
effective engine cooling.

It's a fairly simple installation but if you need a set of drawings and
construction outline I could get my computer literate project engineer
too make my "sketch" into a form that would download fast and be easy to

Alan Shaw