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Re: First Flight! of Verlocity N6Q

Hi Simon!

>Just wondering: what is your oil cooling system setup like?
It was a hot Tennessee day around 90F.  My setup is almost standard but
with some significant changes.  
	single up front cooler
	10% larger oil cooler 
	Improved NACA inlet 
	No Oil Filter
	three washers under the cooler bypass spring.
	Low Cyl temp's

Today the gear was still down ( I need the drag for the new engine) at 130
kts, 2300RPM & 24.8" oil pressure was 83PSI w temp's 83C

I think much of my success is due to my low CHT's which are typically 120C
(slow with all the drag).  They are low because I removed ALL the
inter-fin casting flash and have the Velocity Views ducting setup.

I plan on installing some more thermocouples on the oil system.  This is
because I measure the temperature and pressure up front at the oil cooler
(EZ to wire up).  I feel my numbers are correct, but I need to check.  I
calibrated all the RMI micro-monitor sensors.  The engine oil looks great
with no signs of being too hot (but with only 1.5 hrs)

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