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I am leaving Velocity, Inc. on or before June 19th, 1998. The reason(s)
for my departure are several but suffice it to say I am leaving by my
choice, not the Swings. 

I am planning on starting back up my own business, specializing in
electrical and construction services in the experimental market. I have
agreed to continue to subcontract instrument panels for Velocity, Inc.
For those of you who decide not to purchase radios, flight instruments,
etc. through Velocity, Inc., but may want of need help, my services will
be available to you.

I have talked with Rick Lavoie and have made arrangements to continue to
write the SHORT CIRCUIT column. I will also be a regular on the Reflector
as always. I have established too many ties in the Velocity family to
just bail out. Many of you I consider to be personal friends. 

I will be staying in the Sebastian, Palm Bay, Melbourne area for now at
least. My wifes' "on again, off again"  move with the FAA is currently
back in the off/pending mode. They tell us we should hear something in
the next few months. We have been living with this situation for two
years now. Talk about not knowing whether you are coming or going!

I would like to take this time to publicly state that I have never worked
for a finer group of people than the Swings. They have always been most
reasonable, generous, and supportive. More so than any one group of
people that I have ever worked for. I  wish I could form the words to
express my gratitude, the honor, and the priviledge it has been to both
know and have worked for and with Scott, Duane and Bonnie.

If you have any outstanding business with the electrical/avionics dept.
at Velocity, Inc. that I have been involved with, give me a call so we
can see about getting your equipment, settling up, whatever, before I
leave. Velocity, Inc. will still offer all of the electrical and avionics
supplies, equipment, and instruments that they have offered in the past,
it is just that I will not be there!

So, this is not goodbye, just a note to tell you all that there will be a
few changes.

As always,

Safe and Speedy Construction!


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