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fuel systems

Hey guys,

Ever wonder how N81VA can fly for 1000+ hours without a fuel failure.  
Keep things simple, or you are asking for trouble (IMHO).  Gravity feed 
the sump tank, electric boost (aviation kind), to engine driven pump 
(again, aviation quality), to the engine.  NO check valves, solenoid 
valves, T-fittings, etc.  mean the fewest failure modes and lowest 

As for ram air on the sump tank.  My sump vent has a 45 degree cut on the 
end of the tube that sticks into the air flow under the fuselage.  This 
gives a little air pressure.  Pretty simple.
	air flow	|| vent line
	------->	\|

Not the prettiest drawing, but you get the idea.

The problem with fuel earlier this year was, most likely, using an 
incorrectly configured engine driven fuel pump.  

Just my 2 cents worth.
Bob Ginsberg - Velocity N173BG - Big Ape Gyms