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Re: Message from Internet

> Can one install the hinge parts to an already finished airplane? 

Yes!  There are two basic fixxes and configurations.

1) replace the mount on the door only and use the stock strut.

2) Do mod #1 and replace the stock strut with the new one.    The new strut
is lighter and takes up a conciderable amount less door entry area, but
requires a new hard point be installed on the b-pillar (carbon-beam).  Not
real hard to do just takes a weekend of work.

>My doors fit well, but I have a difficult time trying to close them with
>the springs.  This is quite a common problem for the non-XL models. The XL
>supposedly has a singular carbon fiber beam which goes across the roof and
>stiffens up the rear hinge area. 

True!  However the door is what is deforming not the roof area.  The XL's
still have the problem since the door geometry is exactly the same.

> I can't wait to put on the weather stripping.  

I'd put it on ASAP!  I'm not yet flying and Ive installed mine for over a
year ago to allow it to settle prior to doing my final blending.    

Nate Calvin