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Ram Pressure

>>We used to have a water column device that was home built for testing low
pressure applications of a machine we were developing for coal pumping. The
top of an 8 foot colunm was approx. equal to 6psi. I could find out the proper
numbers but I din't think that will be needed as 1 foot of water will be less
than 1 psi.<<

That was not the question, Dale. The question was: How much ram pressure do
we get at which air speed. This question is answered by calibrating your
pitot static system. I don't have the numbers with me but I remember that
the ram pressure equivalent of 150 knots is of the order of a little over a
foot of water.

But: don't count on ram pressure in the vent system to feed your fuel! In
the lower speed range (where you may need it most) it drops to inches!


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland