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Re: Glare Shield Length

>I began the installation of my panel today and can't remember how far beyond
>the panel most people's glare shields extend.  Having mounted my panel 1
>1/2" forward of the standard position, at Scott's suggestion, I naturally
>have more glare shield aft of the panel.  What did you all do?  If you
>trimmed it, are there any tricks about how to do so?
>Incidentally, my panel was done by Martin.  It is absolutely a work of art.
>He also sent an installation manual along with it personalized to my panel.
>It spells out how to wire my plane essentially.  I was expecting quality
>and, still, I was amazed.
>Ralph Robertson
>173 RG

Hi Ralph,
Sounds like I should get Martin to do my panel too. Would love to see a
photo if it is as good as you suggest!

What is the reasoning behind mounting the instrument panel 0.5" forward of
the normal position. Is it just knee room you are chasing?

Greg Poole (Rearing an infant STD RG Elite)