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>>>For those of you who have not installed your doors, I would recommend 
installing the gas lifter before making the final door-to-fuselage and 
arm rest-to-strake fitting. The gas lifter pushes up on the top aft 
corner of the door which more or less has the effect of rotating the 
door clockwise in relation to how the door fits without the lifter 


I've corrected the problem by altering the pivot point on the gas strut at
the door.  The problem, is that when closed, the strut is still pushing on
the door due to the direction of force projected from the strut.  Simply
put, the torque on the door is from the force of the strut multiplied by the
perpindicular distance from the pivot points.  To eliminate the torque you
must eliminate the force (not an option) or eliminate the perpendicular
moment arm.  The new pivot point directs the force of the strut to the rear
hinge center line, thereby completely eliminating the torque and door
misalignment.  Ive got the CNC machined parts available.

Another note:  I replaced the factory struts with another type which take up
85% less door opening area.   Also the two sruts combined weigh almost half
of a single door strut from the factory.  They work great!

Nate Calvin