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> > Actually, I'm going to test my setup with gravity feed and a boost
> > pump.  The only thing I don't like is that the sump tank is too
> > low to provide any pressure.
> But your head pressure is measured from the surface of the fuel in the main 
> tanks, plus whatever ram effect you get from the vent inlet(s) (probably 
> not much additional). The sump tank should stay full, unless you run a main 
> tank dry; even the sump's vent line should have fuel in it up to the level 
> in the tanks. If you do run a tank dry, then feeding the last few gallons 
> could be problematic.

Right.  I've got an FGE.  I know the sump for the retract is a little 
different.  Perhaps they would be able to recover a little more fuel.
The ram air idea has me interested.  I could do the math, but someone
here probably knows:  How much PSI is required to raise a fuel column
one foot?  Would ram air from the outboard end of the strake be sufficient
to evacuate the sump tank while in flight?

> By the way, has anyone disassembled a known PZL-distributed pump? Or even 
> seen one? The ones delivered by Atlas don't count.

I have seen one, but have not disassembled it.  I suppose I
could ask Dennis Miller if he minds.  It's sitting in my warehouse
attached to a brand new 6A350.

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