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Door Fitting

For those of you who have not installed your doors, I would recommend 
installing the gas lifter before making the final door-to-fuselage and 
arm rest-to-strake fitting. The gas lifter pushes up on the top aft 
corner of the door which more or less has the effect of rotating the 
door clockwise in relation to how the door fits without the lifter 

Also, don't do as I did and install the latch pin recepticals in such a 
position as to "pull" the door in so that it is flush with the fuselage. 
When my door is latched it looks great.  But when the latch is open the 
gas lifter springs the door back so that the arm rest rubs on the strake 
when the door is opened and/or closed.  After several attempts to fix 
the problem I finally cut out the latch pin recepticals and 
re-installed them with the gas lifter in place.  I'll have to fill the 
fuselage where the lifter is pushing the door out but at least my door 
will close easily.

Denis Miller
173 FGE