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To: Joyce Roach -- NTSB

Hello, Joyce.

This email is to remind you what my address is.

This email is regarding the Ewart Velocity crash with the
Franklin engine.

Milton emailed me and let me know that you have questions regarding
the fuel pump.

Here's what I know:
The FEW Franklin (made in America) used the same fuel pump as supplied
on the Corvair car.  The pump is AC4886, an AC/Delco part.  As far
as I know, it was an unmodified fuel pump.

The PZL Franklin engine uses the same fuel pump.  However, the
factory (PZL) installes an extra "bellow" with every pump installed
on a Franklin.

I personally have a concern about not being able to purchase
replacement parts that have had no quality control.  PZL purchases
their fuel pumps from Kal Nelson Aviation in California.  Kal
Nelson has told us that they purchase them from a local
AC/Delco distributor.

Here's what I don't know:
Apparently the FEW fuel pumps were certified with the engine.
For some reason PZL drilled an additional oil gallery in the
fuel housing (speculation on my part).  I am concerned that the
diaphram of the automotive fuel pump is subjected to operating
pressures and an environment that it was not certified under.

Is there any way to force a manufacturer to address these
concerns either through testing or redesign?

Brian Michalk  <http://www.awpi.com/michalk>
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