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Re: Pitot play time

Somehow a deann@calclub.com e-mail address has been added to this
distribution list. It does not belong there and I would appreciate it if
someone would remove it.

Thank you,


R. Wayne Owens wrote:
> Jeff Barnes,
>  Jim Hocut, a Cozy Builder and I have both built heated pitot tubes that
> require much less power (about 7 watts) than standard a/c hardware. We
> heat so much less metal mass than the standard tubes that it takes less
> to keep the pointy end hot.Neither  of us have flown them soooo. Anyway
> high temp fiberglass insulating tape around the metal probe  then
> wrapped with enough nichrome wire to keep it just below the melting
> point of nylaflo (or better still teflon) tubing .  This was then
> glassed over on Jims cozy. Mine was insulated again and inserted in my
> step/pitot tube. I machined a teflon tip for my tube to replace the
> aluminum  one provided.  It seems that ice would have a harder time
> attaching to the teflon.
> Wayne Owens
> SVX and other follies buildin