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Fw: velocityxlrg300 Good news)

> From: Jean Prudhomme <jeanprud@icanect.net>
> To: reflector@awpi.com
> Subject: velocityxlrg300 Good news)
> Date: Sunday, May 24, 1998 8:58 PM
> since back of lakeland the bottoms winglets as been installed plus the
> 1/16"dia rudder cable as been also replaced by the 3/32"dia cable on wing
> parts only and also an aditional spring installed to increase the rudder
> tention for higher cable resistence on the nylaflow tubing.both timble
> shorteen of 3/8" for the maximum rudder horn travel. for the attachement
> between the rudder horn and the cable we use the old velocity method as
> drilling and exagonal to insert an 3/32"dia hex.head self locking nut an
> than locked with an other 10/32" seftlocking nut see sketch as
> attachement.since than i been flying approx 8 to 10 hrs and the airplane
> very stable at the yaw and no tendancy to shift at the left side on low
> speed climb after take-off. the right gear leg been replaced and after
> checked the old one i came-up to the conclusion about the cracking and i
> thing the cause was due to the first gear made with special high temp
> and been cured over 400 degre farenheight so the eposy look more
> brittle.now i use the original gear leg made with previous epoxy and it
> perform well.
> last week i been in touch whit scoot at the factory and he ship me a kit
> vortex generator for testing on my velocity,last friday night i install
> those vortex generators on the wing only for the first test and i will
> install also on the canard later.i did flown last sathurday and today and
> still more test to be done. the first result i obtain the aircraft is
> stable at low speed and i have more aileron autority and they seem to
> much smoother
> regarding stall testing i am waithing more votex generators from scott
> the canard.as soon i complete all test i let you know.
> the present generator are located at 20 % of the wing cord this is the
> location as per previous test been done on several aircraft.
> jean prudhomme velocity xlrg 300 hp N140JP

rudder horn ass,y (Hayes JT FAX)