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Re: plenum paint

In a message dated 98-05-23 09:53:57 EDT, you write:

<< Has anyone had any success with painting their plenum?  How well does the
 BBQ paint work?  Does anyone have a better suggestion?  I would like to
 paint my plenum with something which looks good and doesn't blister.
 Andy Judge
 Working away at interior and details, hopefully Oshkosh '98

Hi Andy,

Years ago when we used to road race motorcycles, we coated engines and exhaust
with a product called "Gun Cote" from KalGard. It was developed for use in
protecting weapons for underwater Seal teams. It was able to withstand a high
saline solution for hours on end.

What we liked about it was the fact that it did not turn color on the exhaust
and did not flake off. It would also go one very thin (.005") and was not an
insulating type paint like BBQ paint. We used it on cylinders and heads to
help promote heat dissapation as well.. Things ran cooler and after running
hard, the engine would cool noticeably faster to the point that we could
remove heads after maybe 30 minutes of rest time.

Maybe a shot of this stuff on the cases and cylinders might work miricles for
tough to cool io-360's.

I just checked the KalGard web page at http://www.kalgard.com It doesn't
mention GunCote. I left a message for them to get in touch with me as to why
this is so.

Their phone number is 1-909-763-2000

Hope this helps...

Dale Alexander
173 RGE