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Re: Oil Cooler, air flow sealing?

On Fri, 22 May 1998, Schweitzer, Bill wrote:

> We work really hard to seal the interface between the NACA scoop and the
> face of the oil cooler.  But then the outside edge of the oil cooler is open
> to the outside on both sides.  

About two years ago when I was installing my oil cooler, I wondered about 
this myself. I had a long and rather unsatisfactory phone conservation 
with Scott about this. He insisted that the cooler would not leak air out 
the sides and I insisted that it would. Neither one of us convinced the 
other one. Since my cooler clearly would not work satisfactorly the way 
that it was, I went ahead and glassed in the ends essentially the way 
that HYTEC described doing it. (Incidently since I am not flying yet, I 
was glad to hear that his works.)

Then a couple of weeks ago, I had a chance to look over Rob Morgan's 
plane. His oil cooler has the ends closed off so it does not leak air out 
the sides. I am wondering if there are two different types of oil coolers 
out there.

Don Royer 173 RGE