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Re: Oil Cooler, air flow sealing?

> A question for you guys who have done this already:
> We work really hard to seal the interface between the NACA scoop and the
> face of the oil cooler.  But then the outside edge of the oil cooler is open
> to the outside on both sides.  
> What is the advantage of this design?

When I first saw this feature I wondered the same thing.  Lately
I've been working on heating and cooling ductwork, so I've been
thinking about it.  Yesterday while preflighting the Warrior
I rent, I paid special attention to the cooler.
The Warrior has the same cooler that we buy from Velocity.  There
was cotton rope (I think that's the word for it) pressed into
all the grooves on the cooler.

Why couldn't they build it without being leaky?

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