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Re: Rudder Cable Connection

Al Gietzen wrote:

> Looking at three Velocitys flown in to  the VWest open house; all with
> external rudder horns, five out the six rudder cable connections had some
> permanent bend in the cable adjacent to the nicopress fitting; and one
> (Mark's old airplane) had a number of broken strands in one of the cables.

We don't seem to have that problem on the embedded rudder horns.  It may be
because of the extra 1/8" of rudder horn past the hole so the cable can't flip
around 180 degrees.  The geometry is a little different also.  An unprotected
(embedded horn) rudder in the wind may bend the cable only about 45 degrees
which doesn't brake strands like 180.  Mine are easy to inspect by just taking
out the two screws in the bottom of the rudder and pulling out the horn for
thimble/cable inspection.
My V-300 is painted and should fly well before Oskosh.    :)