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Re: Bob Nuckolls seminar

RSalinasP wrote:
> Hi Jeff:
> The Connection sounds like something I could use. Please give me the complete
> info on how (address) to subscribe.
> Thanks
> Ricardo Salinas N199RS Std Velocity RG 1993

With thanks to Chuck Caldarale for the URL, go to
http://www.aeroelectric.com; then click on the line that reads:

"The AeroElectric Connection, Pricing and Online Order Form", 

fill out the order form, click submit and you're in business.  Make sure
you make the right selection, I checked the $35 option as I've never
recvd it before, then I also signed up for the $13/$15 (whatever)
upgrade for '98 as well on the same order.

HTH (Hope that Helps),
Jeff Barnes
Thanks Chuck, great tip:  I just subscribed.