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Re: Rudder Cable Connection

Al Gietzen wrote:
> Looking at three Velocitys flown in to  the VWest open house; all with
> external rudder horns, five out the six rudder cable connections had some
> permanent bend in the cable adjacent to the nicopress fitting; and one
> (Mark's old airplane) had a number of broken strands in one of the cables.
> So clearly some precaution (change) is necessary in the way this fastening
> is handled.
> Mark and Nancy; Great job on the open house!  Informative and enjoyable.
> Thanks!
> Al Gietzen  RGE

I heard that Mark broke a rudder cable last week while taxi testing an
XL he is building for a customer, at the nicopress fitting at one of the 
rudder peddles.

Carl Hoffman RGE