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Need spring, fuel pump; oil tubes hit lower cowl

Hi Brian,
I am building a Velocity with Franklin engine. As I am approaching the end
the building process, I need a high compression oil bypass spring and an
fuel pump. I'd like to know whether New Aviation supplies these items. If
let me know the price and delivery schedule. Otherwise, I may have to
from Poland.
Also I'd like to know how to distribute an email to the email list. Here is
I just encountered:
After I connected the steel-braided teflon tubes to the engine oil inlet and
I can not put the lower cowl into normal position. It looks like I have to
cut a
hole on the lower cowl in order to put the lower cowl back. I thought about
elbows. But with oil inlet and outlet so close, I can not think of a way to
sencond elbow without using excessive fittings which may itself hit the
lower cowl.
I wonder how other people, who installed Franklin, did this. Can anyone
share his/her
experiences/thoughts with me?
Jay Yu
Email Address: jayyu@msn.com