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Bob Nuckolls seminar

I sounds like Mark and Nancy threw a great party.  Since I spent most of
December and January there, I would have loved to see Lincoln in the
sunlight.  However, on the same day in Livermore (just 1/2 hour flight
south) I attended...

Bob Nuckolls' seminar on aircraft electronics
(http://www.aeroelectric.com/seminars.html).  I and 20 new friends got a
chance to jump start our less than perfect understanding of how to power,
wire and instrument these birds we are building.  I HIGHLY recommend this
seminar to you if you get the chance.  He talks at Oshkosh every year (but
not for 2 days) and he is scheduling Greensboro N.C., Portland Or, Seattle,
and St Petersburg Fl this year.

Hope to see you all at Velocity West's next party.

Bill Schweitzer
std RGE
San Jose, Ca

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> Hi Folks, 
> Just returned from the VWest Fly-in and wanted to let those of you who
> missed it becaue of weather or other reasons..........
> We saw some great Velocities (we wished more had been able to make it).
> We learned some new things.  Met some builders face to face from our
> area of the country that we hadn't known.  Had a really good dinner
> (Mark and Nancy know how to throw a party).
> For those of you who missed it, you missed a fun time.  Hopefully next
> year we'll go back in our own Velocity.  It sure did help us get
> re-energized for the work at hand. Now if we can only find those last 
> leaks in our left strake.