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Rudder Cable Problems

Since the brake is supposed to be engaged only after full rudder 
deflection, the displacement from full rudder to full brake was 
originally accounted for in the rudder cable play. Many of us have 
modified the rudder conduit as per the suggestions or Alan and others.  
My conduit is glassed completely, from start to finish, thus eliminating 
any play. Is it possible that now that we have eliminated much of the 
play in the rudder cable, we have increased the force on the cable etc.

Some have suggested a spring.  This would solve this part of the problem 
(although not the "reverse" deflection problem, the clear heat shrink 
sounds like a good solution to that.), but it would probably been easier 
to just leave the conduits glassed only at intervals.

Larry Epstein
173 FGE

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