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Re: Rudder Cable Problems

>Another method maybe to get some of the rubberized protective coating that
>used for dipping pliers into to add a rubber grip. This can be found at a
>hardware store for pretty cheap. Paint it on and maybe it will act like
>wrap does at the terminus of a wire into a connector.
>Just some thoughts. Now waiting patiently for flaming arrows...
>Dale Alexander
>173 RGE

  No flames, just some thoughts. If I'm a bit vague it's early and I'm on my
first cup.
  Why not use shrink tubing? If you use the right kind it would be fairly
stiff and would make a good transition from the nico to the cable.
Drawbacks: the length of tubing will limit free travel of the horn unless
you have a recess in the horn. Also there would be no way to check for
fraying at the nico.
  I haven't thought this through yet but I have considered running the cable
around the outer edge of the horn- perhaps making a semicircular or cam
shaped horn- and attaching it to the forward edge somewhere. There would be
a keeper loop at the end so that the cable could slide past if needed but
stay aligned with the horn and return to the edge when pulled.
  I think Martin's idea of a sliding swaged ball or ball and shank is a good
way to go. It could run through a strap fixed to the end of the horn, going
from one side to the other. That would keep the pull centered on the horn.
There should be a slight cup formed to fit the ball so it would align and
there should also be clearance on the other side so the cable wasn't bent as
the angle of pull changed.    -Bill