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Re: New Member And Vwest BBQ

Dale Alexander wrote:
>I met the two gentleman who purchased the Machado's Velocity, N131MM. >Both are experimental pilot of another ilk: they are Major's in the US >Air Force. Major Dave Sizoo' calling card lists him as an F-16 >Experimental Test pilot at Edwards AFB!!!

So the reflector gets some MAJOR improvements, eh?  AR-Ar-ar-ar.

Well Dave, welcome aboard (if Brian has you on board already). As two
eyes are better than one, make sure your partner gets on the 'reflector'
as well by emailing "reflector@awpi.com" AND cc'ing our 'SYSOP' Brian
Michalk at "michalk@awpi.com".

Wish I coulda been to the V-West Flyin with ya'all, but my bird ain't
flying, I had too much fun & adventure at Sun-N-Fun, and I plan to do
Oshkosh in a big way this summer.

Jeff Barnes
XL-RG, N411JB just a-buildin'