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Rudder Cable Problems

Hi all.

Being at the Velocity West BBQ was really great as I got another chance to put
faces to names and see people that I don't get to see but once a year. Got to
meet Hy-Tec 45 and was sworn to secrecy about his true identity. I enjoyed
talking with him. We closed the place up as Mark and Nancy were turning the
bar stools up on the tables and giving us dirty looks until we left(not really
Mark and Nancy ;<) ).

We would talk about the latest strings going through the Reflector. One was
the problems that seem to be bothering the rudder cables at the nico sleeve
when they get beat about due to an unrestrained rudder in a windy condition.

The potato(e) chip bag clip seems like too elegant of a solution. So in an
effort to over-engineer the thing, I offer the following:

In my mis-spent youth, I played a little electric guitar. The microphones that
we used had a wire strain relief for the cord that was nothing more than a
spring. That thought reminded me of how to bend copper tubing without kinking
it. The spring is installed over the tube, then bent, and remove the spring-no

Well, if a spring were to be soldered to the nico sleeve leaving about 1 inch
of spring to protect the cable, I think that many problems could be solved as
the bending would be moved from the joint of the sleeve and furher along down
the cable over a greater area. Just be careful to not get any solder on the
cable itself so as not to concentrate the strain in the solder area.

Another method maybe to get some of the rubberized protective coating that is
used for dipping pliers into to add a rubber grip. This can be found at a
hardware store for pretty cheap. Paint it on and maybe it will act like shrink
wrap does at the terminus of a wire into a connector.

Just some thoughts. Now waiting patiently for flaming arrows...

Dale Alexander
173 RGE