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New Member and Vwest BBQ

Hi Brian,

I just got back from Velocity Wests' BBQ. Big turn out! Mark estimated that 90
were present for the dinner and that over 200 people had come and gone during

Mark and Nancy had speakers that represented the local upholstery shop, the
local chapter of the EAA, the paint supplier that he has been using and Ivo to
talk about his props as they relate to the IO 360 and 540 engines.

I met the two gentleman who purchased the Machado's Velocity, N131MM. Both are
experimental pilot of another ilk: they are Major's in the US Air Force. Major
Dave Sizoo' calling card lists him as an F-16 Experimental Test pilot at
Edwards AFB!!!

When I mentioned the Reflector, he told me that he was having trouble getting
the proper address to get ahold of you. 

Would you be kind enough to get him on board the Reflector as he is the owner
and has every right to the news group?

His E-mail address to direct the Reflector to is:


His only other regret was that his was going to be unable to bring his
Velocity to Osh as he had to fly his F-16 there. In the spirit of brotherhood,
I should have offered to fly his F-16 out so that he could bring his little
bird along.

Thanks Brian...

Dale Alexander
173 RGE