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Re: [canard-aviators] Pitot Tube

[The Canard Aviators's Mailing list]
Paul Conner wrote:
> Hi, fellow Canadians...I have a question I'm hoping someone has had
> experience with. I picked up a heated pitot tube from a Bell Helicopter
> I am hoping that it won't take all that much heat to prevent ice from
> forming in the pitot tube. I know that with 28 volts going into this
> Paul and Carol Conner, Norwich, CT

Paul E Racer REPLIED:
>> You should not require a heated pitot tube at all since it would be very
>> unwise to venture into icing conditions without full de-icing
>> equipment.  How about using the pitot tube without the heat?

Good advice Paul, but I'm wondering...aside from significant pitch
contol changes some VEZ/LEZ folks get (some don't, and some that do are
as affected by rain as by ice), might the loss of INDICATED airspeed be
among the first signs of encountering "unknown" icing conditions. 
Suppose we pick up a worrisome amount of ice, which I hear can happen
pretty fast, get clear of it, but not to where we can thaw off the
accumulation:  wouldn't it be nice to know your actual indicated
airspeed (as opposed to ZERO) on that next landing? 

 I know I'd be wanting to carry a few extra knots.  I'm guessing my AOA
could be rendered inaccurate by ice and my CG has gone aft since my
mains can carry a lot more ice than my canard, etc, etc. 

 And wait..what if...what if..what if I hit a goose and knock all the
ice off of one wing giving asynchronous lift and I start a nearly
uncontrollable roll! Then I'd have to Split-S down to catch a few bird
remnants on the other wing to balance things out, and then ...HEY ! just
kidding!  I just haven't followed up with you guys on the birdstrike
issue yet, and I'm up working too late again (can ya tell?) and can't
help having a little fun !

I thought I saw a heated pitot on the factory Velocity XL that had a
"bakelite" (my word for it) insulation at the base...could only be my
imagination or wishful thinking.  I'll check & get back.

Just wonderin'
Jeff Barnes
Velocity XL-RG, N411JB a-buildin'